Life In Colors was created during the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected all of humanity.  Day after day, I felt the fear building. I saw the concerns of people and how the uncertainty of our future caused (and continues to cause) anxiety across society. If I could see the color of all these emotions it would be Black. 
Life In Colors is an abstract acrylic painting series that is the exact opposite. It has been a form of therapy, where each day I will create at least one new piece. It has helped me continue to stay positive, and I hope Life in Colors can bring joy to others, helping cheer up the spaces that we are imprisoned by in 2020 with new life and vibrancy. 
It is a reminder for you that life has so many colors, so many emotions, and the darkness isn’t forever. 
Good days yet to come! 


*Original art work
*6"x6" (15 cm x 15 cm )
* #acryliconpaper
*shipped unframed and shipping is not included
*named and signed

Life In Colors #29


    proudly made in Arizona, USA

    © 2020 by IAN UNFINISHED LLC

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