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The Tone Journey: Part I

Updated: Apr 4

Yea, but does it djent??

Finding the right tone seems to be an endless struggle when you've gone fully digital.

In the albeit limited time I've spent learning music production and composition, I've spent far too much time finding plugins and dialing in the right tone. It's an abyss.

Sooo....hopefully these resources can save someone some time, or at least provide a launching off point. You'll obviously have to dial this in for your specific instrument and setup, but that's the fun part right?

Guitar and some instrument setups:

Panel Strip Settings

Links to various plugins:

LePou Plugins (free, opensource) Download

Line 6 POD Farm (paid $100+)

NadIR (free, opensource) Download

If you're still looking for that metal tone outside of your DAW it's all about the amp. For a full comprehensive overview of pretty much every option, check out this post by Beginner Guitar HQ: Amps for Metal

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