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idea #10: Driver Rating System

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

fair and safe...at least it could be

I can't stand bad drivers. Selfish drivers are even worse. Combine the two, and you have Houston, TX.

I digress...

Data will be the future of everything. With the amount of capital invested in autonomous vehicles, geospatial mapping, computer vision, and investments in mobility in general, the public realm will become a living network of observations.

There are telematics companies, such as Samsara, that are deploying a hardware+software combo to monitor entire supply chain operations. Now this is commercial, but it's not a leap to begin to do the same for personal cars.

Let's bring it all together.

Using either a smartphone, or a telematics sensor to plugin to your car's computer, or even possibly a dashcam, it would be possible to track not only your driving behavior, but put it into context. Much more than just time, speed, place - basic GPS stuff - but understand local traffic conditions, when you run that yellow light, or cut someone off. Take it a step further, with the right setup, it could also detect who cuts you off, sits idle at a light because they're on their phone, or any other dangerous/annoying acts. Cue social credit system, redeemable at your local DMV.

This level of information would be a gold mine for public agencies, insurance companies, car companies, and probably more that I'm not thinking of. Minority report type predictive analytics.

The incentive for you = get lower insurance rates while also delivering some social justice.

This could go too far, too quickly however - a little too much Big Brother - so it's about finding that happy medium.

When you see those 'How Am I Driving?' stickers on the back of trucks disappear...you know it's begun.

Happy driving - and please get off the phone.

Update: I recently saw two commercials, one for State Farm and the other for Root insurance (a startup) that uses their mobile app to assess your driving for several weeks before offering you a rate. This, I would say, is the first indication of the future, using personalized data (instead average of averages) to determine risk. I may just need to give it a try!

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