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idea #06: better batteries

liquid is out. is solid state the only future?

Lithium-ion technology has plateaued...and we will need better solutions as EVs, wearables, and other sustainable energy solutions become more present in our everyday lives.

Now this isn't as creative as the other ideas, but given the size of the problem, there is clear opportunity to go after multiple solutions.

There are companies working on this, mainly pursuing a solid-state tech, but there are still a lot of unknowns on if it will be achievable, and if so, when it will come to market.

There are other ideas that show promise such as lithium-air, molten salt, graphene, ...so take your pick and run at it. Starting with the target application and scale, e.g. power grids, cars, phones, probably makes the most sense to inform technical direction.

IF you decide to create a venture to solve this problem, it will be capital intensive, so give that some thought, along with a long lead on any type of revenue. You will be in stealth mode for quite some time, but then again, great things don't happen overnight (and we don't need any more mattress startups). The world needs big ideas.

For inspiration: Founder's Fund Manifesto

Learn more on solid-state here from Wired

A bunch of options for consideration: Pocketlint


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