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idea #04: AI Health Assistant

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

A Concierge For Everyone

Finding doctors, making appointments, getting referrals, and in general coordinating your own health needs is a painful process.

There are some companies, such as ZocDoc, that are making this a bit easier, but there is still a ton of opportunity to do things better:

1. Reduce the research and education burden on the patient (or any non-expert)

2. Proactively prompt and schedule appointments

3. Find and recommend the best doctors and/or therapies automatically (less WebMD, more Netflix)

So that's the problem framing, but how about a solution? How about pivoting off of the virtual assistant model, and create a Health assistant AI? Something conversational, that has access to your health profile (as you feel comfortable) and uses that information to help solve the issues above. It could schedule appointments for you, make recommendations based upon evolving information, take input from your doctors to help educate you further and make better decisions, etc.,.

There's definitely something there, just a question of when the tech will be mature enough. Some combo of ZocDoc, Google, and Replika isn't too far out there right?


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