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idea #034: StubHub for Air Travel

P2P Marketplace for airfare.

After writing idea #32 on airline options, I've been thinking more on if it would be possible to swap or sell airline tickets on a secondary P2P market like they do for other events on StubHub. The basic premise would be to add liquidity to the market, and eliminate the ridiculous fare increases for last-minute travel or fees associated with cancelations or alterations to your program.

Case in point, we had to travel last minute from Arizona to Texas a few months ago, and the cheapest round trip airfare was around $1300. To go on a 2.5 hr flight...absolutely crazy, so we didn't go. We drove instead....oh, the plains of west Texas.

If there was a secondary exchange, there would have been a much higher possibility that there would have been a cheaper option available. This could be from a third-party, the airline, or directly from a passenger on one of the flights who would be willing to sell their seat for a profit. Win win. Well, except for the airlines potentially, I don't think they would love this, so we would need to throw them a bone somehow.

There are already numerous travel aggregators like Kayak, Orbitz, Cheap-O-Air, Globehunters, that have built the infrastructure between airlines, hotels, car rentals which is half the battle.

The trickier bit would be updating passenger information and ownership, and keeping all that straight. This may actually be a problem space for blockchain. This would keep a decentralized, universal list of who owns a ticket, and who checks in at the airport. If you were able to solve this problem across the board, it would help reduce administrative burden for all operators while bumping up security which is always a nice cherry on top.


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