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idea #03: Mobile Blocker

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Get those ads, pop-ups out of here

Where the f*ck did the content go?

Can you find the actual content?

This one is more straight forward. Create an app or service that blocks, removes, eradicates, all pop-ups, sign-up lightboxes, cookie accepters, traditional adverts, GDPR notices, and everything else that is turning your display into Shibuya Center.

Monetization is just like any other freemium business model - people pay a subscription to get this on all their devices and go 'clear'.

The free (more diabolical) version would constitute providing the service if the user watches a 5 min ad every day or something along those lines. Spotify had something similar, watch a 30 second video to get 30 min free listening.


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