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idea #028: Creative Project VC

Distributed micro-VC for artists, writers, musicians, content creators.

Conceptually there are a lot of similarities between a 'startup' and a creative project, whether we're talking about a book, album, movie, website, or similar. Building an idea into a new, unique, offering, and then trying to scale it is risky business, and only rarely does something take off to achieve a huge ROI.

So, thinking to myself, why isn't there a similar venture capital model for independent or smaller-scale creatives? How could you contribute seed stage capital to a writer or musician, as a way of early sponsorship, in exchange for equity (aka royalties), for a given amount of time. There are variants to this idea, namely any major book publisher will earn their keep through royalties, similarly with a record company, but why not open this up to more people? It would probably be an extension of the Kickstarter idea, which is a similar concept - raise early money for a product, idea, or whatever in exchange for xyz, typically a gift or limited edition of the product. Or just a thank you.

I believe there's opportunity here to sprinkle a little bit more of an investment angle on top of the IndieGogo x Patreon concepts to get something really unique and enticing. Cool.


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