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idea #027: P2P Instruments

Sharing economy for music gear.

I've collected my fair share of guitars over the years along with other musical paraphernalia, most of which sits idly by for the most part. As a guitarist, whenever searching for that new instrument it's always a bit of a gamble...you can test it in the shop, but never really know how well it will fit until playing for several months.

So, how can we handle both of these pesky problems? As my ideas typically roll, it's got an economic flair, searching for a new efficiency of underutilized resources. In this case, musical gear.

I stumbled upon this site, Toolsity, which is essentially the same networking tool that allows people to swap and rent power tools. Seldom used, expensive bits of equipment. Why not do the same thing for instruments and related items? Great for the amateur artist, gives studios flexibility, and for those young aspiring musicians out there, an affordable way to try out different tools and instruments.

I'm sure there's a rental insurance play baked into this as well, or a clever way to handle a deposit.


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