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idea #025: Distributed Music Production

How can musicians and producers work together from anywhere?

Riffing off of idea #24, I ask myself how can musicians and producers best collaborate with each other, working into the same project? How can you setup live recording between any two spots in the world? It would appear that the ingredients are in place to do this (shared files in the cloud, video conferencing etc.) but need to be put together somehow. There are some companies starting out on this trajectory such as Splice and HitRecord, however both with fairly distant business models.

Being an amateur musician/producer/composer, it's a lonely existence with a steep, steep, steep learning curve. You tend to fall victim to becoming a jack of all traders, master of none. Finding other musicians is also difficult, and typically constrained by your local area, so how can technology begin to break this down?

The business idea would be fairly simple at first, to create a platform for anyone to be able to upload a project, i.e. DAW file. The platform would facilitate version control, auto sync, and controlled access into the project or allow for complete open-source contribution. There will likely be issues with IP rights down the road, but that will be a bridge to cross at a later date (blockchain anyone?). This could be a freemium type of offering, the premium version being the remote live recording offering, allowing any studio to dramatically scale their operations, or for any artist to find the right producer. Lot of stuff to work through, but there's definite opportunity here.


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