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idea #024: GitHub for Designers

Collaborate and version control like developers.

Having worked in the engineering and construction industry for around a decade, version control throughout the design process and in the field is a major issue, especially as teams become more distributed and specialized.

It would be really interesting if design collaboration in this industry could function in similar ways as it does for development, using open source and code control a la Git.

The architectural (building) design process is very analogous to building a software product, but sharing information and working between agencies is clumsy. Capturing updates from the field during construction is even worse, so it begs the question on how to do this at scale, and learn from an industry that has the problem licked.

There are collaborative BIM solutions (e.g. Autodesk), but this is closer to a shared Google Doc than a controlled code base....lots of room to improve.

Ultimately, this could open up the possibility of completely distributed, independent, open-source design of our built world.


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