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idea #023: BYO Health Insurance

Why can't medical plans be like car or home insurance? A la carte.

If you have employer-provided insurance typically you get a few options to choose from. If you go on the Marketplace, you get a few more options to choose from.

In both cases, they are group plans, and never customized to you or your family's unique needs.


Why can't health insurance be customized just like your car insurance is? Throttle up or down your premium, coverage limits, go liability only, add collision, comprehensive, road side assistance etc....

For health insurance have similar options:

Choose any deductible/premium/max out of pocket.

If you need say Rx coverage but less doctor care, choose that option.

Add vision, dental as needed. Even more options.

Choose different variants for each member of the family.

Ton of other add-ons that I can't think of.

I believe with modern technology, we can offer custom for lower price than 'average'. Until we reach a single-payer system, we need to do better.


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