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idea #021: P2P Storage

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Have extra space? Monetize it.

Instead of renting space at an expensive storage facility or using one of those PODs left in a driveway, rent out a closet, garage, or some extra shed space from a neighbor.

1. Digital Option: Build an on-demand platform to connect parties. Allow owners to rent out either entire spaces or square feet within a space. Like Airbnb, entire apartment or just a room.

2. Physical Option: Longer-term, sell a personal version of Amazon Lockers or PODs for individual purchase and rent. Think like a backyard casita, instead of that, it's a shed or similar storage container that can be leased out with digital access controls.

There are commercial solutions available for on-demand type storage, but nothing P2P. I tend to gravitate towards ideas that use basic economics to create opportunity - i.e. efficiency and optimization of resources. Space, in this case, is the individually owned and under-utilized resource, so how can that go the way of the sharing economy a la Uber, Toro, AirBnB, electric scooters, etc,.....would certainly create an incentive against hoarding :)


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