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idea #02: Micro Commodity Market

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Digital Trading Post

I have no clue if this is any good, but here's the genesis: we have a huge lemon tree in our yard, and now that it is harvest season, we have roughly 1000 ripe lemons. Obviously this is overkill for any mortal family, so what efficient options do we have?

I will also add a footnote for further context - I recently finished the book 'Naked Money' by Charles Wheelan which is gives an insightful understanding and history of currency. It's a good read for both economics nerds and curious individuals. The important concept is historical uses of commodities as currency, such as gold or bags of rice.

So is there an opportunity for individuals to essentially trade whatever commodities they have with others across a digital marketplace? In the age of data and Amazon, it would be rather easy to benchmark price for pretty much any commodity, convert to dollars, and exchange for an equal amount of whatever else, e.g. lemons for door knobs. An individual commodities market? Of course there will always be issues with verification (quality/quantity/legitimacy) and logistics, but we'll leave that to someone else to figure out.


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