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idea #013: Neighbour-ly

Think local. Reconnect.

We've used the Nextdoor app quite a bit, to sell a few things, give away a few things, find a home repair professional, etc. It's a good service to connect with those around you like the good 'ol days but comes with a level of strangeness - gossip center, soapbox builder, and a place to find the oddballs around you like moths to a flame.

However, I believe there's better opportunity to take this further, and foster helping across the community that is less transactional.

If we created some combination of Nextdoor + Fiverr + Non-Profit, it could be interesting and rewarding. For example:

'I need help cutting my lemon tree. I have a ladder and a saw, but could really benefit from some help in the form of either (a) rent a chainsaw from a neighbor for $10/hr or (b) pay someone to come help for an hour'. Something like that. Can also be for free just asking for a helping hand.

The providing party then can connect with you, accept the small fee, or choose to have that donated to x local charity.

I'm willing to bet if you live in a big enough area, there will be ample resources and knowledge to tap into around you, just a question of how to stimulate and access. Nextdoor gets part of the way there, but needs more action and accountability between neighbors.

Even routine daily tasks are hard for some people around you - stuff you could help with in 5 min but just aren't aware of. That's what technology can help solve.


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