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idea #012: Digital Medical Twins

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Why are we writing the same novels at every new doctor, dentist, and shaman we visit?

Recently I assisted a family member with a small medical crisis that led us on an adventure through the supposed world class healthcare system that is Houston. It was absolute insanity.

Leaving aside the pain of finding a clinic/doctor and then actually getting an appointment aside, having to complete the same routine when you arrive is unacceptable in a day where technology can solve this problem so easily.

On top of the repetition of form filling, you then don't have access to your own records, labs, imaging, etc.,. after your visit, making it an extra special journey to retrieve any of your own information and get it shipped to your next appointment.

The idea is pretty basic - a secure 'digital twin' of your medical self. It's your data, your body, so why don't you own it?

Any time you visit a provider, you simply approve access to your record with a fingerprint and this will allow read/write access or whatever you allow for that provider.

Now, the business side.

Free for the individual, but monetize the other side of the platform. Providers, insurance, or similar establishments will pay a subscription for access to the hardware/software (fingerprint reader + web application). This greatly reduces overhead, improves patient onboarding and satisfaction, which makes it an easy choice.

Now, let's just hope for a single payer system that can work in parallel.

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