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Bold Vision - Unreal Results

This news is incredible. Real innovation with rippling impact. Even if portions of the article are exaggerated, and we may be getting out over our skies just a bit, this deserves more attention.

A company in Israel, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies to be exact, has apparently found a cure for cancer. All cancers. And it is reported to be a 3 week therapy with no chance for reoccurrence.

Take 5 min and read HERE.

Update 31 JAN 19: It didn't take long for skeptics to come out, and to a degree that's expected. Since this is still in clinical trial with no published research (as of yet), it's OK to be cautious - the Theranos wound is still fresh after all. This is one of those claims that is bound to be controversial, but we should default to optimism instead of aggression or jealousy.

In one article I read last night, the company stated that they don't have enough funding to do both research and publication - not sure if this is true, or just bobbing and weaving around the criticism, but where are the VCs? Even if there is a 1% chance there is something of value here, it's worth the support. Perhaps if AEBi put 'AI', or 'blockchain' in their product description, the money would flow?? We shall see.



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